Sandhill Golf Range

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DRIVER £29.99

SEVEN £24.99

SWEDGER £24.99

GOLF BAG £24.99

FULL SET £129.99

PUTTER £21.99

Golpinforkids - Golf Clubs for Juniors & Kids

Founded in Scotland, the Home of Golf, Golphin design and manufacture specialised golf equipment to encourage more kids, juniors and families to experience the fun of playing the great game of golf.

Determined to understand the reasons and barriers to golf for young kids, Team Golphin conducted extensive market research in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America to discover one major common theme – the current offering of golf clubs on the market are too heavy; destroying confidence, fun and enjoyment during the introductory period to golf. To quote one PGA professional interviewed “the clubs swing the kids, rather than the kid swinging the club"