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Covid19 Policy and Proceedure

Sandhill Golf Range

1. Only one person allowed in the shop at anytime unless direct family. (There are designated queuing bays outside the shop should the range be full. You may leave equipment in the queuing bay to mark your position in the queue and use the putting green while waiting . A maximum of 4 people are to use the putting green at any one time observing the 2m rule)

2. Order your balls from the counter. we have a Perspex screen to protect customers and staff. 

3. Contactless card payment is preferred. If you must pay with cash please put it in the box provided and slide it under the screen. Change will be returned in a similar fashion.

4. Proceed to a free bay. There is to be no sharing of bays (unless family or bubble). Tees will already be in your mat. they will be sanitised before and after each user.

5. Be aware of others passing behind you. There is comfortably 2m from the hitting area to the walkway.

6. At busy times we will operate a one way system where you will be asked to leave via the gate at the bottom end of the range back to the car park. You may leave your basket in your bay when finished or if it is quiet return it to the entrance if distancing can still be observed.

7. At busy times we ask that you practice promptly to minimise queuing. We do not want you to rush but ask you to be considerate of others waiting.

8. Please use the hand sanitiser provided. it is displayed in prominent positions within the range. (The counter, the entrance and exit to the range)

9. There will be no hire clubs available and we ask that you do not share equipment.

Be assured that all baskets and tees will be sterilised between uses. Balls are washed with disinfecting soap every time they are collected. We feel we have done everything possible to minimise risk to customers and staff. We would not be opening if we felt that it wasn't possible to operate safely. We ask that you do not come to the range if you feel unwell. Use your knowledge of social distancing and common sense to keep everyone safe during this time. We are endeavouring to keep the experience as familiar as possible and hope that the necessary measures do not impact your enjoyment. This won't be forever and we will constantly monitor the situation to improve and modify best practice where and when it is appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding

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